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Is Kyler Murray To Arizona Cardinals A “Done Deal”?

M. Hofeld


It seems like each day brings about a new Kyler Murray to Arizona rumor but this may be the best one yet.

New Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury can’t help but talk about the former Oklahoma quarterback’s talent, and even with Josh Rosen awkwardly hanging around as last year’s first-round pick (#10 overall) you gotta think that the Cards are giving Murray a serious look.

“The fascinating thing with Kyler is he is the quickest player on the field, at the quarterback position,” Kingsbury said at the onset of last week’s NFL Combine.

NFL Draft analysts Tony Pauline just came straight out and said it, the Cardinals are going to draft Murray with the top overall pick.

The third day of combine workouts is underway, but the word here in Indianapolis is all about Kyler Murray. Here’s the latest.

Adding fuel to the Murray fire, Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was telling people last night that it’s a “done deal” the Cardinals will select the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback with the first pick of the draft. Whether or not Kingsbury has the final say on the choice remains to be seen, but stay tuned.

Tony Pauline – draftanalyst.com

The first night of the NFL Draft isn’t until April 25th so the rumor mill is just getting started. It’s very likely that Murray could be the top overall pick but it’s also very likely that the Cards are jockeying for some leverage for negotiations with other possible top draft picks.

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