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Paul George’s Go-Ahead Three Seals Win for Thunder Over Rockets

Zachary Low


The Rundown

The Oklahoma City Thunder played in their regular season home finale Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets. In a must-win game, the Thunder came out with plenty of energy and brought it for a full 48 minutes. Although shots didn’t fall for OKC the entire game, they never lowered the energy or effort on defense. In what seemed like a for sure Houston win with 20 seconds to go, the Thunder pulled off a miraculous finish as Paul George hit the go-ahead shot to give OKC the 112-111 victory.

Russ, Control Your Emotions! 

Russell Westbrook is without a doubt one of the most passionate players in the game. That being said, it comes with the good and the bad. On one hand, you have a guy who can use his emotions to energize and push his team to victory. However, on the other hand, you get a guy who sometimes loses control of his emotions and makes a few bad decisions that are often costly.

In this instance, it worked out in the sense that the Thunder came out on top. But we’ve seen many times in the past where it doesn’t workout this way. I’m simply tired of seeing Russell Westbrook earn “frustration fouls.” The Thunder will need Russ to find a balance in his emotions in the post-season.

Keep The Momentum Going

The Thunder simply did not play well after the All-Star break. They were losing close games to playoff-caliber teams, but also losing games to teams who had no business beating the Thunder. As a fan, I was extremely discouraged and had essentially written this team off. What I was seeing on the court was not translating to a team who was capable of making a playoff run.

That being said, this team has really turned it on in the last four games. Let’s keep it going on Wednesday night for the regular season finale. If this team can end the season on a 5-0 win streak, I really think they have a chance in the post-season. It’s all about momentum, and right now, the Thunder have it. A win in the finale will not only lock in the Thunder for a better playoff seed, it’ll also be huge for the morale of this team.

Thunder Player Of The Game 

Terrance Ferguson has had quite the season for the Thunder. He’s been quiet at times, yet very effective in the overall grand scheme of things. Tonight he went for 16 points on 6-10 (60.0%) shooting. He also shot an impressive 3-6 (50%) from beyond the arc. Ferguson is in the starting lineup for his defensive attributes, but his ability to also be an offensive threat is what the Thunder has needed for years.

One Last Ride 

The Thunder will have one last regular season game before heading into the post-season. They’ll travel to Milwaukee to take on the Bucks for a 7:00 PM CT tip-off on Wednesday night. The game will be televised on Fox Sports Oklahoma and broadcast on the radio at WWLS 98.1 FM.

The Bucks have officially announced that neither Giannis Antetokounmpo nor Brook Lopez will play. This game will be huge for Oklahoma City for playoff positioning. This game is definitely a must win.

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