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How Far Does The Thunder Have To Make It In The Playoffs For Billy Donovan To Keep His Job?

Craig Hofeld


Billy Donovan’s tenure as the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. He’s done it all from coaching a team on the brink of making the NBA Finals, to having a team barely find their way into the playoffs.

In his four seasons in Oklahoma City he has a record of 199-129 (.607). Although this record is fairly decent, there’s no doubt it could, and should be much better.

Just about every excuse in the book has been used for Donovan. Whether it’s having only one all-star (Russell Westbrook in 2017), not coaching the same group of guys, or having bad team chemistry in 2018. The bottom line is, the excuses for underperforming are running out.

I’m not here to say that winning nearly 200 games in four years is a terrible coaching job, but the standards are simply higher than that in OKC. I’m also not here to say that he isn’t a good coach. Let’s not forget he out-coached Gregg Popovich in 2016 to beat the Spurs and advance to the Conference Finals.

Billy Donovan has to make another playoff run this season to keep his job with the Thunder. That being said, just how far does the Thunder have to make it this post-season? Despite the accolades Donavan has acquired during his four seasons, I believe the Thunder has to reach the NBA Finals for him to keep his job. This isn’t impossible for this Thunder team as they no doubt have the easiest route to the Conference Finals.

Billy Donovan is a great guy, and I think he is even a great coach. However, some guys simply aren’t NBA coaching material. I haven’t quite given up on the guy yet, but he doesn’t have much time remaining to prove he can lead this team to where they need to be.

What do you think Billy Donovan has to do to keep his job?

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