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How Worried Should Thunder Fans Be About Paul George’s Shoulder Injury?

Craig Hofeld


If you’ve watched any Thunder basketball this season you can’t deny that Paul George has been different lately. The reports of a right shoulder injury has been around for about a month now, and George has even sat out a few games since then. After his poor shooting performance in game one against Portland, how much of that is due to the injured shoulder? Not only that, how much should Thunder fans be worried?

It’s certainly hard to argue against the stats before and after the injury for Paul George. Before the injury on February 26th he was shooting 45% from the field. During that time the Thunder had a record of 39 wins and 21 losses. After the 26th, he has shot just under 40% and Oklahoma City has a record of 10 wins and 12 losses.

At a quick glimpse, it feels like the Thunder organization is trying to down play the severity of this injury. After being listed as “questionable” for game one, he did start and play his normal minutes. However, to say the injury did not effect his game is ridiculous. George shot only 8-24 from the field. Royce Young said that George couldn’t even lift his shoulder days before the game one matchup on Sunday afternoon.

That being said, in an interview on Monday afternoon George said that he was “pain free”.

So, how much should Thunder fans worry? I’d say let’s not freak out just yet. He didn’t shoot a basketball for nearly four days before the game on Sunday. Perhaps he just needs to find his rhythm and get back into the swing of things. Thunder fans, let’s wait until we see George on Tuesday night to make any conclusions.

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