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Does The Thunder Have A Chance To Comeback Against Portland?

Craig Hofeld


The Thunder hasn’t exactly played their best basketball in the first two games of this series. They’ve had their moments, but haven’t quite put together a complete game. Oklahoma City currently faces a 2-0 deficit, and will need to win 4 out of the next 5 in order to win the series. That being said, does Oklahoma City have a chance?

The short answer is, of course! They call it a series for a reason. We haven’t yet seen what the Thunder can do at home. While they certainly have an uphill battle, here’s a couple reasons why they can pull it out.

Don’t Forget About The Brodie.

As long as there is a guy named Russell Westbrook on your team, you’ve got a chance. Westbrook brings so much to his team, that he is very much capable of winning games single handedly. Although in the ideal situation he has help from Paul George and the rest of his team, Russ can still carry on his own.

We’ve seen a much more focused Westbrook since the all-star break. Whether it was shooting more efficiently, or dropping more than 15 assists on multiple occasions, the Brodie has been playing his best basketball in recent times.

In game one, it was Westbrook who was leading the way when Paul George was having a tough game. In game two, it was Paul George who had to carry the load as Westbrook struggled. Russ took the blame upon himself in the post game interview saying his performance was “unacceptable”. I think we see the best version of Russell Westbrook during these two home games. He will be looking for redemption and we know Westbrook is not shy to step up to any challenge.

The Shots Will Eventually Fall, Right?

The Thunder has set an NBA record for worst three point percentages in back to back games. In those two games, they’ve shot a combined 10/61. To put it in perspective, Damian Lillard has made 9/19 through two games. There’s no way the Thunder continue to shoot this bad for the rest of the series, right?

We’ve seen this team go through a few shooting slumps throughout the season, but none quite this bad. Perhaps a few games at home will get this team going once again. If the shots start to fall, the defense will begin to click and all will be right with this team. I mean, in the perfect world that is.

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