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2019 Big 12 Football Power Rankings | Week 2

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On an opening weekend that saw major upsets the Big 12 was the only Power Five conference to make it through unblemished. That’s not to say there weren’t close calls though. Iowa State, one of our Top 3 teams last week, needed triple overtime to survive Northern Iowa and West Virginia was in an all-out brawl of a game with James Madison.

We had no idea what to do with the Cyclones this week. Their votes ranged from 4th to 7th in the power poll and we ultimately ended up placing them at #6, marking the biggest drop for a team this week. The Mountaineers dropped a spot to #9 this week, elevating Kansas State up a notch.

After an impressive Friday night win at Oregon State, Oklahoma State edges out Baylor and TCU for the #3 spot this week.

Heartland Sports Week 2 Big 12 Power Rankings
1. Oklahoma50
2. Texas45
3. Oklahoma State35
4. Baylor32
5. TCU31
6. Iowa State29
7. Texas Tech23
8. Kansas State14
9. West Virginia10
10. Kansas5


1. Oklahoma | Record breaking debut for Jalen Hurts is a great way for the Sooner offense to start the season. They still need to clean up the turnovers and reduce the sacks but otherwise their offense is “firing on all cylinders”. The defense took steps in the right direction but also needs to force some turnovers.

2. Texas | The Longhorns dominated LA Tech and had a 38-0 lead after 3 quarters. This was a great warm-up for the big game this weekend with LSU. OU and Texas are far and away the favorites to go to the Big 12 championship after 1 week.

3. Baylor | Baylor didn’t have the toughest test with Stephen F. Austin, but they went out and took care of business well enough that I couldn’t have OSU jump them quite yet. But they won’t have a true test until Week 5 against Iowa State, who will be working to get back into the top after their lack-luster performance. 

4. Oklahoma State

5. Iowa State

6. TCU

7. Texas Tech

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | Speaking of lack-luster, the Mountaineers were pushed all game by FCS James Madison and won 20-13. They won’t have an easy follow up traveling to Missouri this weekend.

10. Kansas | Les Miles did round out the perfect week for the Big 12 and “first win for him in Lawrenceby beating Indiana State 24-17. He’ll be getting back stud running back Pooka Williams when Coastal Carolina comes to town next weekend and they may act more like dogs and not kitty cats.



1. Oklahoma | Jalen Hurts looks like a Heisman frontrunner, and the defense looked improved enough to feel good about the direction of the season. Sooners stay at #1 until they give me a reason otherwise.

2. Texas | Sam Ehlinger might give Jalen Hurts a run for his money, but the Longhorns still aren’t as good as the Sooners, for now at least.

3. TCU | Iowa State did not look good. Meanwhile, the Horned Frogs took care of business like they should have, so they move into the Top 3 this week.

4. Iowa State

5. Oklahoma State

6. Baylor

7. Texas Tech

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | Nearly losing to James Madison is just unacceptable. Even with all the changes, the Mountaineers are dealing with, things are bad in Morgantown. 

10. Kansas | Les Miles or no Miles, I don’t care. The Jayhawks are going to have to impress me to move up in the Big 12. 


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners had an impressive showing in their opener against Houston. The offense looks on par with the last few seasons, and the defense showed great improvement. The Sooners looked primed to win the Big 12 for the fifth straight season. 

2. Texas | Texas came out and took care of business against Louisiana Tech. Sam Ehlinger had the Longhorns rolling on offense with four passing touchdowns. Texas might be the only school capable of dethroning the Sooners. 

3. Oklahoma State | I was impressed enough with the Cowboys in week one to move them up into the top three. Spencer Sanders seems to be the real deal. However, I’m not sure they have the defense to be real competitors when November rolls around. 

4. Iowa State 

5. TCU 

6. Baylor 

7. Texas Tech 

8. West Virginia 

9. Kansas State | Ranking the Big 12 is quite difficult when the conference goes undefeated in week 1. That being said, there’s still two clear bottom feeders. The Wildcats happen to be one of them. They looked solid against an FCS school, but it won’t be enough when conference play rolls around. 

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks are undefeated! You’ve got to say it while you have the chance. As I said during the pre-season, I think Kansas will have their best team in years. However, they will still be the worst in the conference. 


1. Oklahoma | Over the weekend, the Sooners posted the best win of the conference slate while Jalen Hurts starred in the episode. With an aggressive an improving defense, this group remains the one to beat.

2. Texas | The Longhorns handled business as expected against a lesser opponent and still have the talent to challenge for the top spot. We’ll see if ‘Texas is back’ in the coming weeks…

3. Oklahoma State | Claiming the second best win in the league, the Cowboys passed the true road test with flying colors. Add it the fact that Mike Gundy started a first year quarterback and it continues to look more and more impressive.

4. Baylor

5. Texas Tech

6. Iowa State

7. TCU

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | After a rocky start, the Mountaineers squeaked out a win over James Madison. With plenty of questions unanswered specifically in the rushing attack, WVU must find some kind of rhythm to move out of the cellar.

10. Kansas | Credit the Jayhawks for the come-from-behind win. But this was an FCS opponent…


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners looked better on offense than I expected and were pretty much what I was looking for on the defensive side of the ball. Absolutely no reason at all to consider dropping them after the first week. 

2. Texas | I gotta be honest, Texas was much better than I expected. They’ll have a big test on Saturday with LSU but Week 1 was about as impressive as you can get. Gotta be a bit concerned about running back depth though. 

3. TCU | The Frogs get the bump here after a more than impressive 39-7 win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff. However, TCU’s rise has more to do with Iowa State’s struggle than it does with anything else. 

4. Baylor 

5. Oklahoma State 

6. Texas Tech 

7. Iowa State 

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | The Mountaineers escaped James Madison but there sure wasn’t anyone feeling very positive afterwards. 

10. Kansas | Good for you Les Miles…good for you!

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  1. Matt with the absolutely BRUTAL drop on Iowa State. 7th in the conference?! I know they looked awful in Week 1, but jeez.

    1. I had them pegged as the best defense in the Big 12 this season but that offense was downright terrible. They could be in some trouble if they can’t get some things figured out.

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