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Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant are Beefing on Twitter

Zachary Low


Russell Westbrook’s return to Oklahoma City on Thursday night brought up plenty of opportunities to reminisce on his time spent with the Thunder, but it was not the only emotionally-charged event that took place.

Earlier in the day, former Thunder center stated his case on ESPN’s SportsCenter that Russell Westbrook is the greatest Thunder player of all time. Marc D’Amico, writer and content creator for the Boston Celtics, disagreed, and made his opinions known on Twitter.

The discussion took place Thursday afternoon, and then Thursday night, right in the middle of the game between the Thunder and the Rockets, Kevin Durant decided to jump in on the conversation to jump on Kendrick Perkins’ case, and a Twitter beef for the ages broke out between the former teammates.

The conversation steered directly into personal attacks as Durant went right at Perkins, and the trash talk immediately went to a new level.

After exchanging verbal jabs, it appears that Perkins got the last word in. This is just another episode in the saga of Kevin Durant’s social media mishaps, and while it isn’t a great look for the former Thunder small forward and current Brooklyn Nets star, it certainly does make for a little extra entertainment for the rest of us.

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