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FOX Provides All The Ammo Oklahoma Fans Need To Troll Texas

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The next time Joe Texas Fan tries to tell you about how the Longhorns own the Big 12, or that Texas is back for that matter, you should probably just show them the graphic below and then move on about your business. The truth is, not only has Texas failed to be relevant in the grand scheme of things, FOX College Football points out that they’ve barely been just mediocre.

Ten wins behind Kansas State and four wins behind West Virginia, Texas finds itself well established in the bottom half of the conference in terms of wins over the last decade.

This is a program that has had the #1 recruiting class in the Big 12, according to 247Sports, for seven of those ten years and all they have to show for it is an average of around seven wins per season. To put that in perspective, Oklahoma has had the top recruiting class in the conference just three times during that span. The reality is Texas is closer to #9 (20 wins) than it is to #2 (22 wins). You may want to keep that in mind for the next time you hear the words “Texas is back!”.

Other Thoughts

  • Oklahoma clearly owns the conference and it’s undeniable. With 109 wins over the last decade the Sooners are sitting on an average of nearly 11 wins per season. Keep that in mind when you see those over/under win totals rolling out.
  • Oklahoma State at #2 is actually quite impressive. Cowboy fans really need to appreciate what they’ve got in Mike Gundy because it could be much, much worse. The Pokes are the team in the top half of this list that scares me the most in 2020.
  • Speaking of much, much worse. Kansas, are you kidding me? That’s 21 wins in a decade…10 years!!! Remember when they thought that the could do better than Mark Mangino? Clearly the Jayhawks are the team on the bottom half of this list that scare me the least in 2020.
  • The team on the top half that scares me the least is Kansas State. Just not feeling that Wildcat vibe in 2020.
  • The team on the bottom half that scares me the most is Iowa State. The Sooners have to travel to Ames, the week before Bedlam, to face Brock Purdy who was a 2-point conversion away from pulling the upset in Norman in 2019.

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