Cade Cunningham Staying in Stillwater

A few weeks ago, the Oklahoma State basketball program was hit with a list of punishments due to violations by former assistant coach Lamont Evans. Perhaps the worst of the consequences is a 2021 postseason ban, which is being repealed. Still, with an incredible recruiting class coming in, the possibility of missing the NCAA Tournament in a year where the Cowboys looked like they could make a serious run in March is devastating.

A number of Cowboys have maintained their status in Stillwater, stating that they would not be leaving for elsewhere, and on Monday morning, 5-star recruit Cade Cunningham pledged his allegiance to Oklahoma State once again via a video on Instagram and Twitter.

In the video, Cunningham states, “Now more than ever, I’m loyal and true,” a nod to Oklahoma State’s Alma Mater song. He finishes the video by saying, “Let’s work.”

Many will consider the decision as a weird one, as some think it would make more sense for him to join the G League, where he could develop AND get paid, setting him up for an easy transition into the NBA via the 2021 draft, but perhaps Oklahoma State’s appeal to the NCAA, and Cunningham’s decision will reward him in the long run.

Regardless of what happens with Oklahoma State’s postseason status, it is obvious that Cade Cunningham has connected with head coach Mike Boynton, and while the things may appear to be shaky in Stillwater, perhaps they are actually stronger than ever.

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