Oklahoma Offensive Recap vs. Tulane | Top 3 Plays

Oklahoma’s offense wasn’t crisp on Saturday but it was effective. The Sooners produced 40 points, 24 first downs, 430 total yards and had a 33:22 time of possession during the game. The end result was an OU win but as Spencer Rattler and company walked off the field there were some questions and concerns.

What Went Right

Spencer Rattler – Take away the two turnovers and Spencer Rattler was exceptional on Saturday. Even with the picks he completed 30-of-39 passes for 304 yards and a touchdown. He’s tied for 20th nationally in passing yards per game, after the first week, but he’s also tied for second in interceptions.

Kennedy Brooks – I was among those who believed that Eric Gray was the best option the Sooners had at running back heading into the season. I’m also among those who Kennedy Brooks proved wrong with 87 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries. Brooks averaged 6.2 yards per carry which more than double up on Gray who averaged 3.0 yards per carry.

Young Receivers – It’s hard to keep in mind that Marvin Mims is just a sophomore. He’s an experienced and polished veteran…but just a sophomore. Mims picked up where he left off last season with a 5-catch/117 yard performance that ranks him 24th nationally in receiving yards per game. Mario Williams didn’t do anything on Saturday to prove that his future is bright as well. The true freshman caught a team-high six passes for 37 yards and scored the only receiving touchdown in a play that makes out Top 3 (See below). Big tip of the hat to Brian Darby who made three catches and looked very solid in the process.

Gabe Brkic – I saw someone on social media criticize him for his missed field goal but this guy should be off the board, in terms of criticism, after the weekend he had. The Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week recorded an FBS record tying three field goals of 50-yards or more, set a school record for four made field goals in a game, and kicked Oklahoma’s longest field goal (56-yards) 1977.

National Rankings

Oklahoma is tied with Arkansas State and Utah at 31st in the country in scoring offense. The Sooners have the 85th ranking rushing offense (116 YPG) and the 23rd ranked passing offense (314 YPG).

Top Three Offensive Plays From Saturday

#3 – Rattler to Mims for 50 yards on a free play. Was it a touchdown?

#2 – Rattler to Mario Williams for a 6-yard score.

#1 – Gabe Brkic 56-yard field goal to end the half.

What did we miss?

What Went Wrong?

Offensive Line Play – I think that all of Oklahoma’s offensive struggles are linked to this. The offensive line made mental errors (How many false start penalties?), failed to get a push upfield on running plays, and never really looked like a strong and cohesive unit. Undoubtedly they have to get better.

Eric Gray – It’s hard to run up the middle when your offensive line can’t get a push but Kennedy Brooks and Eric Gray ran behind the same five guys, yet Brooks averaged 6.2 yards per carry and Gray only averaged 3.0. After all of the hype from the spring and summer I really expected a better debut. That said, I think Eric Gray is going to be a star and we will see much better things from him in the future.

Turnovers – Among the things that I didn’t expect to see on Saturday was two interceptions from Spencer Rattler. The good news is that both picks seemed to be mechanical issues and not bad reads. At least in my opinion. That should give some ease to the anxiety that could be here in terms of Rattler having a grasp on the offense. Also, there’s not a better coach in the country when it come to correcting a quarterback’s mechanics than Lincoln Riley.

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