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Peyton Manning Cracks On K.D. And The Internet Goes Wild

M. Hofeld


Here’s what most of the sports world knew before Wednesday night, Peyton Manning has a fantastic personality and Golden State forward Kevin Durant has thin skin.

A month after being named the MVP of the NBA Finals, and then signing a new extension, KD still can’t have fun with his hop from Oklahoma City to a Warriors team that was already stacked. That doesn’t stop the rest of the world from joining in on the fun though, and now we can add a future NFL Hall of Famer to the mix. Manning busted on Durant the Internet became a really fun for a while. 


Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the world and most definitely deserves the accolades that have been given to him. However, there isn’t a world in existence where he doesn’t deserve the jokes that come his way.

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