Oklahoma City Regains Momentum After Win Over Miami

The Thunder earned a much needed win over the Miami Heat in a game that was back and forth throughout. Oklahoma City came out swinging early, but Miami responded and held their own for a majority of the game. The Thunder put together a spectacular fourth quarter that ended up giving them the victory.

The first quarter got off to a pretty slow start. Both teams struggled to get into a rhythm and the game didn’t have the sense of flow that it usually does. The Thunder went on an early 10-0 run that gave them an edge to start the game. Even after the run it was still a low scoring affair in the first quarter with only 42 points between the two teams. The second quarter wasn’t much better offensively for either team. If you’re into barn burners, this certainly wasn’t the game for you. The scoring got worse for the Thunder as they only produced 20 points in the second quarter.  This allowed Miami to gain some momentum heading into halftime.

The second half started the same way it ended for Oklahoma City. The offense simply wasn’t there. However, the defensive side of things were shaking out fairly decent for the Thunder which allowed them to stay in the game. Miami eventually took the lead and suddenly the Thunder were sitting in the passenger seat. Fortunately, the Thunder produced a quarter to remember with 41 points that ultimately gave them the win. Russell Westbrook played extremely well in the final minutes and pulled his team to the 105-99 victory.

3 Quick Thoughts 

  • Oklahoma City is Peaking at the Right Time. 

This season has been full of ups and downs. For most people, they would consider this season a disappointment up to this point. Regardless of controversy, losing streaks, or injuries, the Thunder is playing the best basketball they’ve played all season right now.

Less than 10 games remain, and it looks like Oklahoma City could be peaking at the right time. In the NBA, it’s not about being the best team all season long, it’s about who is the best team in June and July. After a long season, the Thunder has found themselves in a position to where they can make a push in the playoffs.

  • Melo Has Bought In.

Carmelo Anthony struggled to find out where he fit in the lineup. Paul George figured it out rather quickly, but Melo always seemed to be a step behind. However, I think Melo has finally bought in to what the Thunder wanted out of him. He still has the opportunity to get going and score lots of points, and he has at times. What’s different now from the beginning of the season is that he has learned how to be beneficial to the team when his shot isn’t falling. He has been grabbing rebounds, setting on the ball screens, and giving tons of effort on defense. We are seeing a side of Melo I never thought we would see. When did you see Melo setting on the ball screens in New York?

  • The Thunder Still Lack Consistancy. 

The Thunder recently went on a win streak and have an 11-4 record since the All-Star break. Even with the recent success it still feels like this team needs to figure out how to play for all four quarters. Perhaps it’s just how the NBA works, but scoring 40 points combined in the second and third quarter certainly isn’t consistent. Without the 41 points scored in the fourth quarter, the Thunder would’ve lost this game. Finding consistency throughout all four quarters will be the key to this teams success in the playoffs.

Back Home on Sunday

The Thunder will play again on Sunday night at home against the Portland Trailblazers. The game will start at 6:00 PM CST. It will be televised on FSOK and broadcast on the radio at WWLS 98.1 FM. Although the Thunder has already lost the season series to Portland, a win on Sunday would still allow OKC to make a push for the three seed which is currently held by the Trailblazers.

Article written by Craig Hofeld. Follow @TheThunderGuys on Twitter and Instagram. 

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