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Week Four Big 12 Power Rankings | Pokes Are Surging!

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Week three of the college football season provided both huge opportunity and huge disappointment for the Big 12. Oklahoma State and Texas came out as big winners in their marquee match-ups, but TCU was out of their league against Ohio State and West Virginia didn’t get to play due to the hurricane.

Big 12 Week Three – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good

We’re starting off this week with a nod towards Oklahoma State. The Cowboys picked up what is probably the best win for the conference through the first three weeks of the season.

If you weren’t surprised by Texas Tech on Saturday then you’re clearly from West Texas. Only the folks from Lubbock believed the Red Raiders had a chance against Houston, and they were right.

How about Kansas getting it done two weeks in a row!!! I’m not sure where this streak will take the Jayhawks but it’s fun to talk about KU in something other than basketball.
We also have to give Texas their due. In a game that I thought would be super close, the Longhorns totally out played USC.

The Bad

The game of football is all about making adjustments to your initial game plan. Ohio State proved to be much better at that than TCU on Saturday night. The Buckeyes gave black eyes to Gary Patterson’s crew by a margin of 27-14 in the second half.

Come on, Baylor! A 2-0 start had everyone looking your direction. Then the Duke game happened. The Bears were in a 23-0 hole, at the half, on their way to a 40-27 loss.

The Ugly

For the second time in three weeks Big 12 teams have had games cancelled due to weather. Thoughts and prayers go out to the great folks of the Carolinas as they recover from the storms and subsequent flooding.

The Rankings

The game cancellation resulted in a drop for the Mountaineers this week, and getting demolished by the Buckeyes certainly resulted in the Horned Frogs dropping. That makes Oklahoma State the biggest winner, by way of their thrashing of Boise State, the

Cowboys jumped up to our #2 spot.
We absolutely hated on Baylor this week though. Last week we had the Bears in the #5 spot and this week we nearly unanimously have them dead last. Moral of the story, don’t lose to Duke on your home field.

 Heartland Sports Week Four Big 12 Power Rankings
Ranking Points
1. Oklahoma 40
2. Oklahoma State 34
3. TCU 31
3. West Virginia 31
5. Texas 34
6. Texas Tech 16
7. Iowa State 15
8. Kansas State 12
9. Kansas 11
10. Baylor 6

1. Oklahoma | Although the Sooners pulled out a win in Ames, it brought up questions about this defense yet again. Had another team been in the same position, there’s a chance the Cyclones come from behind and steal the game. It’s happened before… Regardless, this remains OU’s conference race to lose.

2. Oklahoma State | Securing the best win thus far of any Big 12 member, the Cowboys are surging up the rankings for me. Remember, this is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ situation that remains in a state of flux. For now I believe, the Pokes are silencing a majority of the doubters.

3. TCU | Without West Virginia playing a game this week, the No. 3 spot came up for grabs and the Horned Frogs are taking hold of it. In a contest against a top five opponent, TCU looked like the better team for two quarters. Needless to say, this is not an elite team but still a team to watch out for.

4. WVU

5. Texas

6. Texas Tech

7. Kansas

8. Baylor

9. Kansas State | Sure, the Wildcats are on a two game winning streak. The only quality opponent the program faced embarrassed them in Manhattan. It could be a long road ahead for this group.

10. Iowa State | Although this team is not the worst in the conference, the Cyclones have yet to earn a win. Sitting at 0-2 on the season puts this group at the bottom of the pack once again in my rankings.


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners faced their first true test last weekend in Ames. Despite what some would consider an “ugly win”, Oklahoma still came away with a two score victory. If anything, I’m even more confident in the Sooners after seeing them face some adversity.

2. West Virginia | Even though they didn’t play last weekend, the Mountaineers remain the second best team in the Big 12 after week three. I refuse to drop a team in rankings after having a game postponed. I still think the Mountaineers have some work to do on the defensive side of the ball, but their offense will get them by just fine.

3. Oklahoma State | The Cowboys have the best win in the Big 12 so far with a dominating performance over Boise State. I’m still waiting to see what this team does when someone strikes at them first. The Pokes have had the upper hand in every game thus far. The question is how Cornelius will respond when faced with adversity.

4. TCU

5. Texas

6. Kansas State

7. Iowa State

8. Texas Tech

9. Kansas | Kansas is back! This might be the first time I haven’t had the Jayhawks dead last in my rankings. After dominating CMU in week two, they defeated Rutgers 55-14 in week three. We will see how they look in conference play, but it’s safe to say Kansas is already heading for a better season than a year ago.

10. Baylor | There are a ton of 2-1 teams in the Big 12 right now. For me, it seems like the Bears are the worst of the bunch. However, with a match-up against Kansas this weekend the worst team in the league will be settled.


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners stay atop the conference rankings despite a close one in Ames. The game was never really in too much danger, but the Cyclones definitely gave the Sooners a run for their money.

2. TCU | Losing shouldn’t really keep a team moving up, but somehow I’ve got the Horned Frogs up to #2 this week. I thought they looked solid against the Buckeyes, so they get to stick around for now at least.

3. Oklahoma State | The Cowboys looked as good as they possibly could have against Boise State on Saturday. I wanted to put them at #2, but I want to see some consistency before I go that far.

4. West Virginia

5. Texas

6. Iowa State

7. Texas Tech

8. Kansas State

9. Kansas | The Jayhawks stay away from the bottom slot for yet another week after slaughtering Rutgers. No worries, though, as they will surely find their way back to the 10-spot before season’s end.

10. Baylor | The Bears are such a disappointment right now. They should’ve rolled over Duke, but alas, here we are.


1. Oklahoma | I truly went back and forth on this. Oklahoma State secured the best win of the season for the conference and the Sooners seemed to show some defensive woes that we’ve not seen this season. Still, you get to be #1 until someone knocks you off so here we are.

2. Oklahoma State | You can’t ignore what’s going on in Stillwater. I honestly believed that a huge wake-up call was coming for the Pokes last Saturday, instead it was a huge wake up call for the conference. This team looks every bit the part of a contender.

3. West Virginia | Unfortunately the Mountaineers game with NC State was cancelled due to the hurricane. Otherwise, they could have easily been in the #2 spot this week.

4. TCU

5. Texas

6. Iowa State

7. Texas Tech

8. Kansas

9. Kansas State | The Wildcats scored the big win over UTSA but there are so many questions surrounding this team.

10. Baylor | Nope, it certainly wasn’t pretty in Waco last week, but the Bears are 2-1 on the season.

Week Four Schedule

Akron at Iowa State
Kansas State at #12 West Virginia
Kansas at Baylor
#17 TCU at Texas
Army at #5 Oklahoma
Texas Tech at #15 Oklahoma State

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