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Week Ten Big 12 Power Rankings | Oklahoma Regains Top Spot

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Just when we thought the Big 12 was starting to take shape Oklahoma State pulls off the massive upset and shakes things up again. This week Oklahoma unanimously returns to the top of our rankings with Texas and West Virginia directly on their heels. It’s going to be a fun final month of the season!

Week Eight – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good

We’ve got to start with Kansas here because I’m pretty sure that they’ve never appeared in this segment before. The Jayhawks are still an incredibly bad football team but you can’t deny their improvement this season. Saturday’s 27-26 win over TCU was the first October win for the program since 2009

Next we’ve got to move a little south to Stillwater where people had seemingly thrown in the towel on Oklahoma State’s season. By way of a 38-35 upset of Texas, the Cowboys show that they absolutely have the ability to spoil someone’s Big 12 title hopes. Oklahoma and West Virginia both remain on OSU’s schedule.

We typically don’t throw out individual performances here but Oklahoma sophomore receiver CeeDee Lamb had 160 receiving yards, and two touchdowns, on four catches against Kansas State on Saturday.

The Bad

It’s time for our friends in Manhattan, Kansas to have a serious Bill Snyder conversation. Had it not been for TCU’s debacle over the weekend, the Wildcats make have taken the bottom spot in our rankings. This is as bad as it’s been for Kansas State in a long time.

Texas Tech was in the hunt for a spot in the championship game but that’s all over now thanks to the upstart Iowa State Cyclones. Now the Red Raiders move into the spoiler role with their eyes on Oklahoma as their first possible victim.

The Ugly

Texas had full control of a berth into the conference championship game a week ago. Now they’re in a dog fight with West Virginia and Oklahoma for a spot. Even worse was this temper tantrum by Tom Herman in the closing seconds.

Also, I’m not sure what’s going on at TCU right now but it’s not good…not good at all.

Power Rankings

Well…the Jayhawks aren’t in the cellar anymore. That’s a good place to start when discussing this week’s rankings.

We all agree on Oklahoma at #1 but have some differing opinions at #2.

Oklahoma State takes a big jump this week. Moving up from #9 last week to nearly being in the top half this week. 

Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU all took a bit of a slide this week as well.

 Heartland Sports Week Ten Big 12 Power Rankings
Ranking Points
1. Oklahoma 40
2. West Virginia 35
3. Texas 33
4. Iowa State 28
5. Texas Tech 24
6. Oklahoma State 20
7. Baylor 15
8. Kansas State 10
9. Kansas 9
10. TCU 6

1. Oklahoma | The Sooners continued to dominate this weekend as they ran Kansas State our of Norman, and while the Texas loss could come back to haunt them at the end of the season, they are going to keep trucking along until then.

2. West Virginia | The Mountaineers looked completely refreshed after their bye week as they destroyed Baylor in Morgantown, and the loss to Iowa State isn’t looking so bad lately. Don’t count them out of the playoff picture just yet.

3. Texas | The loss to Oklahoma State wasn’t pretty, but the Longhorns still have a solid chance at making the Big 12 Championship.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. Kansas State

8. Baylor

9. Kansas | This week belongs to the Jayhawks because they actually won a conference game, so they get to move up to #9. For now.

10. TCU | Losing to Kansas and becoming the new “Don’t let _________________ distract you from the fact that Texas lost to Kansas in football” is reason enough to fall to the bottom of the rankings. It’s bad in Fort Worth.

1. Oklahoma | The Sooners are back on top of the Big 12 once again. Oklahoma has bounced back extremely well since their loss to the Longhorns three weeks ago. This team is more than capable of reaching the College Football Playoff if they can just win out.

Kyler Murray has been nothing short of phenomenal. When you add his performances with the talent around him, the Sooner offense is nearly impossible to stop. As for the defense, things are definitely improving. We’ve seen new guys on the field, different game-plans, and an overall new attitude on the field. It’s safe to say that the Sooners are trending in the right direction.

2. West Virginia | The Mountaineers know a thing or two about bouncing back from losses. This team dominated the Baylor Bears in an impressive fashion. We saw a completely different team than we saw two Saturday’s ago in the loss to Iowa State.

Perhaps a loss was exactly what West Virginia needed to get refocused and be the championship caliber team that they are. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this squad competing for the Big 12 Championship in a few weeks.

3. Texas | The Longhorns suffered their second loss of the season on Saturday to Oklahoma State. Texas got into a deep hole in the first quarter and could never fully recover. You’ve got to give credit to the Cowboys for coming out with an excellent game-plan, and executing it fully. However, this is still a game Texas should’ve won.

A second loss eliminates Texas from the College Football Playoff, but they are still very much in the contention for the Big 12 Championship. It’s time to find out if Texas is really back or not. It’s either move forward and keep improving, or fall off the tracks for this team.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. Baylor

8. TCU

9. Kansas | I’m giving Kansas another shot at not being the worst team in the Big 12. Although they did have a solid win against TCU last weekend, ranking them any higher than this just seems silly. The Jayhawks will have another great chance for a win this weekend against Iowa State. I’ll have no option but to move them up if they win that one!

10. Kansas State | It’s been a crazy season, but maybe the craziest part about it is the Wildcats being at the bottom of the conference. It’s looking like it’s about time for Kansas State to start over and rebuild. It doesn’t look like they will make a bowl game this season, and for Kansas State, that’s not acceptable.

1. Oklahoma | Continuing to show signs of improvement on the defensive side of the ball, Oklahoma closed out the Wildcats early. Cruising to an expected win over the weekend, the Sooners regain the top spot in the power rankings.

2. West Virginia | The Mountaineers posted 41 points in the first half as the offense returned to potent form. Yet, the chance to solidify themselves as the No. 2 team in the rankings rest upon a trip to Austin this coming weekend. One argument will be settled sooner rather than later.

3. Texas | I was surprised the Longhorns opened as a three point favorite over the weekend. However, the number was close to true in the end. Dropping a contest to a middle of the road program does not bode well for Texas, especially if UT was hoping to bring home some hardware.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. Baylor

8. Kansas

9. Kansas State | On Saturday, the Wildcats simply gave up early and it showed. The season has not been kind to the program this year. But if KSU hopes to pull out of the cellar, it’s going to take an attitude change on the field.

10. TCU | Things continue to spiral south for the Horned Frogs with a loss to Kansas. Need I say anymore?

1. Oklahoma | Yes, I know the Sooners lost to Texas but you can’t deny them the spot after the way they’ve turned things around post Mike Stoops. OU has scored 214 points in their last four games. Just a little defense should go a long way with this team.

2. Texas | I’m not dropping the Longhorns too far following their loss in Stillwater Saturday night. I am, however, going to point out that since their early October win over Oklahoma they have not played to that same level.

3. West Virginia | Yes, you can make a case for the Mountaineers to be above Texas. You could even make the case for them to be in the top spot. The good news is that West Virginia still has the Longhorns and the Sooners on their schedule.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. Baylor

8. Kansas State

9. Kansas | Good for you Kansas…Good for you!

10. TCU | I’m just as shocked as you are to see TCU here but there’s no other choice. They’re 1-4 in conference with a loss to the Jayhawks.

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