Week Nine Big 12 Power Rankings | The One Where Everything Almost Stayed The Same

With the majority of the Big 12 on a bye last weekend it’s easy to understand how things didn’t change too much in our power rankings. In fact, the only things that we really learned were that Oklahoma’s defense could actually be a little better under Ruffin McNeill and Kansas is still really terrible.

Week Eight – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good

Oklahoma’s defense seemed to turn the corner a bit after a rough second quarter. The Sooners survived a barrage of TCU points before the half only to turn around and hold the Frogs to just a field goal over the final thirty minutes.

The Bad

After holding Texas Tech to a 3-3 draw in the opening quarter, Kansas gave up 21 points in the second. Then they gave up another 21 in the fourth ultimately getting routed 48-16.

The Ugly

I’m not doctor but I’m pretty sure his hand isn’t supposed to look like that.

Power Rankings

TCU and Baylor do the swap this week. I guess it’s better to be on a bye week than to lose to the #2 team in the conference?

 Heartland Sports Week Eight Big 12 Power Rankings
Ranking Points
1. Texas 40
2. Oklahoma 36
3. West Virginia 31
4. Texas Tech 29
5. Iowa State 24
6. Baylor 17
7. TCU 15
8. Kansas State 14
9. Oklahoma State 10
10. Kansas 4

1. Texas | The Longhorns own the head-to-head over the Oklahoma Sooners which keeps them at the top of the list despite my hatred for the program. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out if the two are paired for a Big 12 Championship.

2. Oklahoma | Simply put, the Sooners may very well be the favorite to win the conference yet again with an improving defense. But, with a loss in conference play, it’s difficult to place Oklahoma at the top of the totem pole. The program will have their chance to reclaim the spot in the coming weeks though.

3. West Virginia | Continuing to struggle, there are significant questions rising midway through the season. With most of the conference on a bye week, it’s hard to justify any movement here.

4. Texas Tech

5. Iowa State

6. Baylor

7. Oklahoma State

8. Kansas State

9. TCU | Things continue to get worse around the program. Suffering an embarrassing loss after finding some footing in the second quarter against OU certainly doesn’t bode well for TCU. However, losing Robinson and Turpin add injury to insult. It’s going to be a disappointing end for the Horned Frogs.

10. Kansas | As we progress into the season, rumbling of a displeased fan base continue to grow. Will Beaty have a job at the end of the season?

1. Texas | I can’t fault the Longhorns for not playing. They stay at #1 for now.

2. Oklahoma | The Sooners recovered from their loss to Texas in the Red River Rivalry just as I expected them to do: by destroying TCU. I think they’re on the up and up and will be in the Big 12 Conference Title Game before season’s end.

3. West Virginia | Same as Texas. No game = no harm.

4. Texas Tech

5. Iowa State

6. TCU

7. Kansas State

8. Baylor

9. Oklahoma State | A bye week for the Cowboys means there was no way they could lose a game, so that’s nice. They have a tough one in hosting Texas for Homecoming this weekend. A win sure would help rebound the awful slide of late.

10. Kansas | Is an explanation even necessary?

1. Texas | The Longhorns had a bye this last week, which was much needed after barely escaping the Baylor Bears. There are plenty of questions still surrounding Texas, but you can’t doubt what they have done up to this point in the season. Win and stay alive is all you have to do at this point in the season, and that’s exactly what Texas has done.

2. Oklahoma | The Sooners went into Fort Worth and took care of business last weekend. While it may have been against one of the weaker TCU teams in recent years, it is still an impressive win coming off of the loss to Texas. Oklahoma will have the Wildcats coming to town this week, which should be another win for the Sooners.

3. Texas Tech | Texas Tech has to be the biggest surprise team in the Big 12. I don’t think anyone expected them to be tied for second in the conference after eight weeks. The next three weeks against Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Texas will show just how good this Red Raider team really is.

4. West Virginia

5. Iowa State

6. Baylor

7. Kansas State

8. TCU

9. Oklahoma State | The Cowboys have had plenty of time to think about their blowout loss to the Wildcats two weeks ago. Hopefully things will be turning around for Oklahoma State. Mike Gundy has been very present in the media, and vocal about his team struggling this season. I expect the Cowboys to climb their way up the rankings a bit as the season comes to a close.

10. Kansas | At this point I’m running out of things to say about Kansas. They suffered a blowout loss to Texas Tech last weekend. If the Jayhawks want another win this season, they have a great opportunity this week against TCU.

1. Texas | There’s not much that you can say about a team coming off a bye week. The Longhorns will need Sam Ehlinger to be healthy down the stretch though.

2. Oklahoma | Absolutely the best offense in the conference and one of the top in the nation. If the Sooners can build on the defensive momentum then watch out.

3. West Virginia | The Mountaineers went into the bye week in a bit of a downward spiral. They’d better snap out of it pretty quickly!

4. Texas Tech

5. Iowa State

6. TCU

7. Baylor

8. Kansas State

9. Oklahoma State | Mike Gundy says he’s sticking with Taylor Cornelius at quarterback. I applaud him for it because I too realize that there are no other options for a team that can’t block.

10. Kansas | Every time I want to feel sorry for David Beaty I remember the coin toss fiasco with Baker Mayfield last year.

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