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Oklahoma Football 34 – Oklahoma State 16 | Bedlam Postgame Quotes

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“We had a really good team performance tonight. It’s always hard to beat teams on their senior night in this kind of atmosphere. I give our players a lot of credit; we did the things we had to do. We really emphasized the turnovers this week. We knew we had to have a game where we’re not just hanging on to it offensively and getting them where we could defensively but doing that in sync. We wanted to have a game where we could dominate the turnover battle completely. It was a huge challenge to our guys, and they certainly responded there. I thought we played off of each other very well; very complementary on the night. We were building on each other’s momentum and capitalizing after turnovers. When we needed key stops, we got them. When we needed key drives, we scored points. I’m just proud of our guys. This is always a tough game, a rivalry game. It was all that it should be. Hats off to our guys, they played a really complete game.” – Lincoln Riley opening statement

“He had a little bit of room early. We made a few adjustments, settled in a little bit and defended the run a little better as the game went on. I thought the d-line was pretty disruptive. There weren’t too many clean running lanes, especially after that first quarter. The few times he did get loose we did a good job of getting him on the ground. His longest was 22 yards. If you would’ve told us that before the game, we would’ve taken it.” – Riley on defending against Chuba Hubbard

“He’s been very steady. He just continues to be him. He’s not missing cuts, and he’s very in sync with the offensive line. He’s been so close to popping his standard 60-70 yarders. There was, I swear, five times tonight where we were like, ‘He’s out.’ Despite that, he’s had a lot of big runs. He’s held on to the ball great. He always kind of gets what’s there. He never really leaves much on the table.” – Riley on Kennedy Brooks

“It’s Kennedy. He always does the same thing each game. He runs hard, with the talent he has it’s hard to go down. For an o-line like us, he makes our job easy.” – Adrian Ealy on Kennedy Brooks

“I just think we have so many weapons that it can go to anybody, and anybody could make a play. I don’t think I’ve done anything special. We have a great team, and we complement each other.”  – Brayden Willis on being a security blanket for Jalen Hurts

Oklahoma State

“What this game comes down to is, you can’t kick field goals and beat a good football team. We got down inside the 15-yard line several times and kicked field goals. We put ourselves in a jam and could never get over the hump. We didn’t do a very good job against the rush. The guard/tackle pull play gave us a lot of issues. We weren’t very effective against the rush. We turned one over. I know there were two, but the last one was just a desperation fourth down. We lost the turnover battle. We were pretty sound penalty wise. Tre (Sterling) got up high… the first targeting we’ve had this year. We’ve been so good, and I was disappointed that he hit up high. For the most part, we were really disciplined in that game. In the end it’s simple, you can’t kick field goals and beat a good team like that. It’s tough to keep up with an offense like them, and they were effective rushing the football. That’s the way it comes out. Offhand, that’s kind of what I think happened.” – Mike Gundy opening statement

“They were putting safeties down in there, and that’s why we were trying to throw it. We got some pass interference and holding calls and got some calls over. They made the adjustment to drop the safeties down and what happened was, with us not keeping it within a one score game, it allowed them some more flexibility on defense. There’s kind of a big picture to it. They started by playing somewhat normally, then Chuba was hurting them. So they dropped down, and we started throwing. Then we got into a multi-score game and allowed them to be aggressive up front with twists and things like that. We almost became one dimensional.” – Gundy on Oklahoma’s defensive adjustments

“Our guys had a lot of fight. We always do. We made too many mistakes. I’m not taking anything away from Oklahoma, they played a great game, balled out and did everything right, which paid off for them. We just need to build off of this. It’s obviously a tough loss, but we can’t hang onto it for too long.” – Chuba Hubbard general game thoughts

“You just try to add more people to the box. They are a very good offense and very good attack across the board. When you add more people to the box, you leave yourself vulnerable in other areas. I felt like when we added more people to the box, we were still behind. We didn’t do a great job tackling off blocks, and our tackling wasn’t as good tonight as it has been in the past.” – Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Sean Gleeson on stopping Oklahoma’s running attack

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