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OSU Football Players Deny List Of Demands Produced By Doug Gottlieb

M. Hofeld


Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy had a defining moment on Monday. The winningest coach in program history met with players after threats were issued from Heisman Hopeful Chuba Hubbard. The nation’s top running back threatened to, “not do anything” with Oklahoma State until changes were made, after a photo of Gundy appeared on Twitter with the head coach wearing an OAN t-shirt. Several former and current players took to Twitter in support of the Canadian Cowboy putting Gundy in full crisis mode, threatening a promising season before it even started.

By the end of the day cooler heads had prevailed as the two men did what men do, they got together and talked. Both the coach and the star promised change was coming and the Cowboy Culture would be better than ever. It was a happy ending to a tumultuous day. Then Tuesday rolled around.

OSU alum and former basketball standout Doug Gottlieb released the players demands for change on Twitter Tuesday afternoon and multiple players revolted against Gotlieb, who is now a national radio host, saying that he isn’t even close. Among the demands listed by Gottlieb were the ability to wear saggy pants and du-rags, leaving fans hoping that Monday’s roller coaster was about more than that and players demanding that it absolutely was.

Of course Gottlieb does have a flair for the dramatic and pretty much is the poster child for the “hey, look at me” crowd. He’s a member of the media who really never had any issues in stirring the pot and that seems to be exactly what he’s done here. There’s obviously no disclosure on who his source is but the fact that players are refuting it is a clear indicator that he’s at least partially wrong.

So now that we know that no one really knows what’s going on where does it leave us? This internal struggle was brought into the public light and unless things are resolved publicly then perceptions are going to be abnormally all over the place.

Buckle up because no one knows what Wednesday is going to bring us.

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