Polar Opposites Episode II | Harden Or Westbrook For MVP?

The Oklahoma City Thunder are fresh off a two-game winning streak but is it more realistic that they would rise of fall in the playoff seedings? We jump into the conversation of whether OKC can catch the Clippers at #5 or can the Grizzlies catch the Thunder at #6?

With the season winding down, the MVP debate is winding up. We’ve got two primary candidates and both are connected to the Sooner State. Russell Westbrook has set the NBA on fire by becoming a triple-double machine but James Harden has the Rockets twenty-four games above .500. But wait…there may be a sleeper pick.

The Thunder experienced a bit of a roster shakeup in their wins over San Antonio and Utah. The result was a boost in production from the starting unit but will there eventually be ramifications with bench productions?

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