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OKC Thunder | KD’s Brand Ambassador, “No One Wants To Play With Russ!”

M. Hofeld


Let it be said, there are two sides to each story. In the Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook saga Oklahoma City fans certainly know KD’s side by now. After the Thunder dropped a 3-1 lead to Golden State in the 2015-16 Western Conference Finals Durant bolted to join the Warriors and win championships. From that point forward Durant has been in damage control and the story began to spread that Westbrook was a bad teammate.

Despite the friendly social media exchange between Paul George and Westbrook, following George’s request and subsequent trade to the Clippers, the breakup of Oklahoma City’s roster has only added fuel to the Westbrook is a bad teammate fire.

Now, enter Randy Williams who is Durant’s Brand Ambassador. He was found guilty of piling on in response to an Instagram post by Bleacher Report that labeled Westbrook as the last man standing in OKC.

I wonder where that perspective on Russell Westbrook comes from. To my knowledge, Williams never played basketball with Westbrook. I doubt that he even knows Russ at all. What he does know if the line that’s been fed to him in order to protect Durant’s image. Keep in mind that Durant also had beef with current members of the Warriors squad and many say that it was is public spat with Draymond Green that let to his exodus to Brooklyn.

For all that Russ is characterized as, one of the things you can say is that you really don’t here stuff like this coming from his camp. By all accounts he and Paul George had, and still have, a great relationship and Oklahoma City as even embraced the idea of him being traded as something that would be to his benefit even though it completely brings an end to an era for the Thunder franchise. You won’t find many folks in OKC saying kind things about Durant though…both from the stands and on the court.

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