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Oklahoma Sooners | November 21, 2016

Could the Oklahoma Sooners Steal Any Texas Longhorn Commits Now that Charlie Strong is Gone?

Recruiting is often a slimy process, and part of that process is de-commitments. It happens to every school, so those who claim that schools should stop recruiting a player after […]

Oklahoma Sooners | October 5, 2016

Charlie Strong Is Going All-In On Coaching Changes

Just one week into the 2015 season Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong had seen enough and made a change. Demoted were offensive play-callers Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline and promoted was receivers coach Jay Norvell.

Oklahoma Sooners | August 16, 2016

Big 12 Football Coaches | The Fat Cats, The Hot Seat, And Limbo

The beginning of the college football season is that one time of the year where every program is surrounded with hope. There’s hope for championships, hope for bowl berths, hope for better seasons than the last, and hope for another year after this one. Every conference has those coaches that can write their own tickets, the coaches who hope someone will be writing them a check this time next year, and those coaches who are somewhere in between.The make up of the Big 12 coaches falls directly in line with these three categories as well and, needless to say, there’s a lot riding on this season for some of them.