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Oklahoma City Thunder | November 13, 2019

Indiana 111 – OKC 85 | You Don’t Have To Look Hard To Figure Out What Went Wrong

Oklahoma City’s shooting inside the Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Tuesday night matched the frigid temperatures outside of the Indiana Pacers basketball facility. The Thunder absolutely shot themselves out of the […]


Oklahoma City Thunder | July 3, 2019

OKC Thunder’s Markieff Morris To Sign With Detroit.

Oklahoma City didn’t really get the chance to know Markieff Morris. In a move that’s anything but surprising the 6-foot-10 veteran power forward is moving on as a free agent. […]

Oklahoma City Thunder | May 1, 2019

Thunder Have Two Options With Donovan | Extend Or Let Go

Presti admitted on Monday to have not yet talked with Donovan and said to the media that if something, “were to change,” with the head coaching situation then they would let them know. The issue at hand ins’t the playoff record but Donovan’s contract.