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Oklahoma City Thunder | June 26, 2018

Kevin Hervey Is A Name OKC Fans Need To Know

There were only four picks left in the 2018 NBA Draft when the Oklahoma City picked UT-Arlington’s Kevin Hervey. The Thunder front office personnel think they got a steal though, […]


Oklahoma City Thunder | June 24, 2018

Rookie Devon Hall Brings Defensive Intensity To Oklahoma City

Devon Hall made only five three-point shots as a freshman at Virginia. Last season, as a senior, he was good from long-range 57 times (43.2%). I’m not going to tell you that the Caviler offense went through Hall’s hands but Virginia did score on an average of 1.15 points per possession when he was on the floor as opposed to 0.94 points per possession when he wasn’t. That isn’t why Oklahoma City drafted him though.

Oklahoma City Thunder | June 21, 2018

Oklahoma City Welcomes Two New Rookies On Draft Night

Everyone expected a quiet night from the Oklahoma City Thunder considering their lack of first round picks, and that is exactly what happened. The Thunder held the 53rd and 57th […]

Oklahoma City Thunder | June 15, 2018

The LeBron James To OKC Campaign Has Begun

It’s most definitely a long-shot, but in the world of sports you either go hard or you go home. With the NBA’s free agent market set to get underway in just a few days the city of Oklahoma City is ready to make a pitch for the biggest name out there…well…at least the fanbase is. 


Oklahoma City Thunder | May 23, 2018

Thunder Get Snubbed On NBA All-Defensive Team

There are a lot of people who are going to have a lot of problems with the release of the NBA’s all-defensive team and Oklahoma City Thunder fans may be leading the charge. 

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 28, 2018

Russell Westbrook Does Not Like Utah Jazz Fans!

“I don’t confront fans,” Westbrook said when asked about the altercations. “Fans confront me. Here in Utah, a lot of disrespectful, vulgar things are said. … It’s something that needs to be brought up… I don’t play that s—. … It needs to be put to a stop…especially here in Utah”

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 27, 2018

Oklahoma City Must Attack The Rim In Game 6

The primary thing that Oklahoma City’s historic comeback on Wednesday night showed us is that there’s still hope for the Thunder. Written off by the media, and the majority of their own fans, it would have been completely logical for OKC to just fade away and surrender when down by 25 in the third quarter. However, instead of quitting the Thunder chose to fight…and fight they did.