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Oklahoma City Thunder | May 14, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #71 Preview: Jazz

The final road trip of the season is complete for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now they can ride out the season at home. With just 2 games left, Thunder fans can finally rest easy knowing that the Thunder is most certainly in a good position come time for the draft lottery. Still, the games must be played, and while the Thunder isn’t concerned with winning, that’s not the case with the Utah Jazz, OKC’s opponent for tonight.

Oklahoma City Thunder | May 11, 2021

Thunder Against The Spread | A Similar Result Could Be Coming At Sacramento

Once again this comes down to simple semantics. Just like the Golden State Warriors set last week, OKC is coming off a blowout loss and has to take the court again, on the road, against the same team. There’s nothing here to lead someone to believe the Thunder can cover. OKC could have Dort back in the lineup tonight but they are without point guard Theo Maledon. Is that enough to make up 17 points from Sunday’s performance? I don’t believe that it is.

Oklahoma City Thunder | May 11, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #70 Preview: Kings

For the third time in 8 days, the Oklahoma City Thunder will take on the Sacramento Kings this evening for the Thunder’s final road game of the season. Despite the Kings sitting at 12th in the Western Conference and the Thunder at 13th in the Western Conference, the two teams have very different motives headed into tonight’s matchup.

Oklahoma City Thunder | May 6, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #67 Preview: Warriors

The Oklahoma City Thunder trailed by double digits for most of their matchup against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday evening, but they managed to make it a close one before falling at home 103-99. Tonight, the Thunder kicks off a 4-game road trip, which features an interesting schedule quirk where OKC plays the Golden State Warriors twice in a row before playing the Sacramento Kings twice in a row. Tonight’s matchup with the Warriors may seem to be of little consequence at face value, but in reality, there is a lot riding on the result.

Oklahoma Sooners | April 29, 2021

Thunder Against The Spread | Look For Zion & The Pelicans To Push Towards The Over

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not really sure where Oklahoma City is right now in terms of finishing out this season. I bought into the idea that they were in full on tank mode but then they beat Boston two days ago. Now the question is, how will they respond to winning? Do they go back in the tank or do they try to ride a wave of momentum? My belief is that they head back into the tank.

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 29, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #63 Preview: Pelicans

Despite ending the franchise-tying 14-game losing streak against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Thunder is just one game away from playoff elimination. Tonight, the Thunder hosts the New Orleans Pelicans, who are currently on the outside looking in on an opportunity at the playoffs.

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 26, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #61 Preview: Sixers

The Oklahoma City Thunder has lost 13 consecutive games, and while it is impossible for them to even tie the NBA record of 26 straight losses, they could get close if they don’t win another game this season. With just 12 games remaining, only 4 of them are against non-playoff teams. Tonight, the Thunder takes on the Philadelphia 76ers on the road.

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 23, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #60 Preview: Wizards

It’s been just 5 days since the Oklahoma City Thunder fell to the Washington Wizards 119-107 on the road, and now the Thunder hosts the Wizards in OKC. Not much has changed in the few days in between: the Thunder lost another game—a 122-116 loss to the Pacers—while the Wizards knocked off the the Golden State Warriors 118-114.

Oklahoma City Thunder | April 19, 2021

Thunder Against The Spread | Things Could Get Out Of Control With The Wizards

I think this is a night where Russell Westbrook can get whatever he wants from the Thunder. The former OKC All-Star is averaging a triple-double, as he usually does, with 21.9 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 10.8 assists per game. Friday night he went off for 36 points and 15 rebounds in Washington’s overtime win over New Orleans. That said, I think Bradley Beal poses the biggest threat to Oklahoma City. His 31 points per game are enough to just barely edge out Steph Curry as the NBA’s leading scorer and with Dort riding the pine tonight I’m not really sure how the Thunder can counter him. Beal is averaging 33 points per game over the last four and just dropped 37 on Detroit Saturday.